Testimonials: Words that matter.


“About a year ago our condo association changed management companies. Several different companies were interviewed, and it was felt that Madison Property Management was the best choice.

Patrick Nowak has been our contact person. He has responded to all of our needs and questions in a timely and professional manner. He has been a valuable asset in formulating our budget process. He has also aided the association in fine tuning our Reserve Fund.

By far the greatest impact Patrick had made is with the daily operations. Due to his expertise and his contacts with vendors he has been able to renegotiate some of our vendor contracts with dramatic savings.

I would recommend Patrick and MPM without hesitation. They have been an asset to our association.”

— John L., Owner & Committee Member
Weston Place Condominiums

“We self managed our Condo Association for years when we decided to work with a management company. It was clear from the start that MPM was the right choice! Without a doubt Patrick has gone above and beyond our expectations providing a constant commitment to excellent service that has provided our ability to build excellence into our community.”

—  Cheryl S.,
President Aspen Terrace Condo Association

“While we are a relatively new client working with Madison Property Management, we've been working with Patrick Nowak for nearly two years.  When he made the decision to start working for MPM, it wasn't long after that that we followed him because the communication and feedback we were receiving from our previous management company was severely lacking after his departure. 

Patrick and I have a great working relationship. He helps to keep the Board on task when important decisions need to be made and I can always count on him to get me answers when I have questions about a bid, a bill, or a condo issue.  Patrick is quick to return a phone call or email, and on a few rare occasions when I've needed to contact him after-hours, he has still answered his phone! 

Even though we've only been with MPM for a few months, I have been very happy with the organization thus far.  There were a few accounting issues left unsettled from our previous management company, and I was able to work with both Patrick and Carrie (accountant) to get these taken care of quickly.  Very recently, the Board has been faced with some uncommon situations regarding the Association, and along with Patrick's assistance, we've been given some advice and guidance from Jim Stopple (owner of MPM), which was unexpected but greatly appreciated. 

All in all, I would highly recommend Patrick Nowak and Madison Property Management to meet your condo association needs.”

— Brad O.,
Board President, Country Grove Condos

“I highly recommend Patrick Nowak to handle your condominium management property needs. His title – “Condominium Management Specialist” says it all. Patrick is indeed a specialist at what he does. Taking great pride in a job well done, he understands what it takes to be a manager of both small and large condominium associations.

I have heard him say on numerous occasions that he loves his job and that is evident in the way he approaches the numerous tasks he does. He is invauluable to an Association Board, giving as much guidence as they need or want. He supports them, gives them direction, answers any and all of their questions, helps find vendors and set up contracts, prods them when necessary, shares with them what has worked for other associations he has worked with and in general befriends them.”

— Scheryl S.
Board Member, Country Grove Condos

“Best Annual meeting I have attended in the 13 years I have lived here. Thank you Patrick.”

— Carolyn H.
Board Member,Aspen Terrace Condominiums

“Our association recently made the switch to MPM for our condominium association management.  Patrick and his team were extremely helpful in a tough transition due to the uncooperative former property manager.  MPM kept things moving, pushed all the right buttons, and made the transition as smooth and quick as possible.  Since then, our association has implemented a number of key initiatives that will make the association property sustainable and looking good for many years to come.”

—  Dave R.,
Current Board President, Prairie Hills Condominiums